About the Author 365 Meditations for a Peaceful Heart and a Peaceful World
By Marcus Braybrooke
Heron Quays, London: Godsfield Press, 2004. 384 pp. Paper. $18.95.

Marcus Braybrooke, Parish Priest, lecturer and writer on interfaith relations, is also Joint President, World Congress of Faiths and Trustee of the International Interfaith Centre, the Peace Council and the Council for a Parliament of the World Religions.



Excerpt from 365 Meditations:

In fragile times such as these, strategies for peace cannot be slow moving. The reconciliation of nations, the struggle against oppression, the solution to poverty, and the need for cooperation among religions all need urgent attention. In fact if you answer the call to peace, your calendar will grow heavy, and your hours thin. There is too much to do, and too few willing workers.

For those of us who feel overwhelmed by the mission for peace, Marcus Braybrooke's recent collection of instruction, wisdom, and anecdotes provides a much needed relief. 365 Meditations for a Peaceful Heart and a Peaceful World is an assortment of passages and lessons to give us calm and put us at ease. Braybrooke's primary insight is Gandhi's "being the change you wish to see in the world", or as Braybrooke puts it, "the search for peace in society and the world cannot be separated from the quest for inner peace in the heart."

Review-in-full featured in Dialogue and Alliance, issue 19-1 (Spring/Summer 2005)

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