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Marriage, Family and Religion
Spring / Summer 1995, Vol. 9 -- No. 1
Religion and the Environment
Autumn / Winter 1995, Vol. 9 -- No. 2
Peace and the Ultimate
Spring / Summer 1994, Vol. 8 -- No. 1
Evil and Religion
Autumn / Winter 1994, Vol. 8 -- No. 2
Religion and Peacemaking
Spring / Summer 1993, Vol. 7 -- No. 1
Inter-Religious Dialogue
Autumn / Winter 1993, Vol. 7 -- No. 2
Arguments for God's Existence
Spring 1992, Vol. 6 -- No. 1
The One and the Many
Summer 1992, Vol. 6 -- No. 2
Religious Rituals
Autumn 1992, Vol. 6 -- No. 3
Religious Pilgrimages
Winter 1992-93, Vol. 6 -- No. 4
God and God-Equivalents
Spring 1991, Vol. 5 -- No. 1
The Future of God
Summer 1991, Vol. 5 -- No. 2
Hindu -- Sikh Dialogue
Fall 1991, Vol. 5 -- No. 3
God and Culture
Winter 1992-92, Vol. 5 -- No. 4
Ritual in the World's Religions
Spring 1990, Vol. 4 -- No. 1
Religion in China Past and Present
Summer 1990, Vol. 4 -- No. 2
The Trinitarian Basis of Christian Unity
Fall 1990, Vol. 4 -- No. 3
God and Evolution
Winter 1990-91, Vol. 4 -- No. 4




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Masao Abe (USA)

Wande Abimbola (Nigeria)

Syed Ausaf Ali (India)

Arabinda Basu (India)

Eduardo Chavez (Brazil)

Cromwell S. Crawford (USA)

Hu-Hsiang Fung (Taiwan)

Andrew Gonzalez (Philippines)

Meenakshi Gopinath (India)

Tyler Hendricks (USA)

Philip H. Hwang (Korea)

William B. Jones (USA)

Samuel G. Kibicho (Kenya)

Ursula King (England)

Paul Mojzes (USA)

K.L. Seshagiri Rao (USA)

Smdhong L. Tenzin Rinpoche (India)

James Deotis Roberts (USA)

Richard L. Rubenstein (USA)

Mohinder Singh (India)

Krishna Sivaraman (Canada)

Huston Smith (USA)

Kapil Tiwari (New Zealand)



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