Why is France so often a target for terrorist attacks?

A great deal of analysis flows following the bitter tragedy of France’s most recent attack and suffering. From my review of many articles and interviews, the thoughts of Moghul seem especially helpful. Haroon Moghul Senior Correspondent, Religion Dispatches noted in QZ.com several … Continue reading

Syrian Kurds Give Women Equal Rights, Snubbing ISIS (Islamic State) Jihadists

Last year, Syria’s Kurds created autonomous governments in the three regions where they are a majority, establishing self-proclaimed rule. FLICKR CREATIVE COMMONS Kurdish Women Arabs also hold office, and the decrees apply to all ethnicities living in the self-governing areas, the … Continue reading

Dangers of Apocalypticism both Religious and Secular

For the a-religious and anti-religious skeptic, apocalyptic scenarios of passionate religious believers often provide the occasion for mockery and derision. Giles Fraser in The Guardian agrees that there is a dangerous strain in apocalyptic impulses that fuels some of the very worst, … Continue reading