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African Traditional Religions in Contemporary Society
by Jacob K. Olupona (1991)
Soft Cover 12.95
Alive in Krisna
Soft Cover 8.95
Assembly of the World's Religions 1985
Paragon House (December 1986)
Soft Cover 9.95
Assembly of World's Religions 1990
Soft Cover 5.95
Assembly of World's Religions 1992
Soft Cover 5.95
Buddhist Thought and Ritual
by David J. Kalupahana, Editor (1991)
Soft Cover 12.95
Hard Cover 24.95
Christianity and the Wider Ecumenism
by Peter C. Phan, Editor (1990)
Soft Cover 14.95
Hard Cover 29.95
Christianity in the Americas: Ecumenical Essays
by Thomas G. Walsh, Editor, and Frank Kaufmann, Editor (1997)
Soft Cover 12.95
Christology: The Center and the Periphery
by Frank K. Flinn, Editor (1989)
Hard Cover 22.95
Coming Kingdom: Essays in American Millennialism and Eschatology
by Darrol Bryant, Editor, and Donald W. Dayton, Editor (1992)
Soft Cover 9.95
Defense of God (God Series)
by John Roth, and Frederick E. Sontag, Editor (1985)
Soft Cover 12.95
Dialogue and Harmony among Civilizations: The Family, Universal Values, and World Peace
by Thomas G. Walsh (2001)
Soft Cover 10.00
Events and Movements in Modern Judaism
by Raphael Patai, Editor, and Emanuel S. Goldsmith, Editor (1995)
Hard Cover 24.95
Evil and the Response of World Religion
by William Cenkner, Editor (1997)
Soft Cover 16.95
Hard Cover 29.95
Evolution of Consciousness, The
by Kishore Gandhi, Editor (1986)
Soft Cover 11.95
Flight from Woman, The
by Karl Stern (1986)
Soft Cover 12.95
God & Global Justice: Religion & Poverty in an Unequal World
by Frederick P. Ferre, Editor, and Rita H. Mataragnon, Editor (1985)
Soft Cover 12.95
God & Temporality
by Eugene T. Long, Editor, and Bowman L. Clarke, Editor (1986)
Soft Cover 12.95
Hard Cover 22.95
God, Experience or Origin (God, the Contemporary Discussion Series)
by Antonio T. De Nicolas, and Evanghelos Moutsopoulos, Editor (1986)
Soft Cover 12.95
Hard Cover 17.95
God in Language
by Robert Scharlemann, and Gilbert E.M. Ogutu, Editor
Soft Cover 12.95
Hard Cover 24.95
God, Humanity and Mother Nature
Gilbert E.M. Ogutu, Editor
Soft Cover 7.95
God the Self and Nothingness: Reflections Eastern and Western
by Robert E. Carter, Editor (1991)
Hard Cover 29.95
God: The Contemporary Discussion
by Frederick Sontag, Editor, and M. Darrol Bryant, Editor (1982)
Soft Cover 19.95
Governance and the Role of Religion in Peace and Security
by Thomas G. Walsh, Editor (2002)
Soft Cover 10.00

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