8 days with Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust

Dear All

As you know I just returned from 8 days in India. My time there was fascinating, transforming, and challenging. Thank you sincerely for your prayers and kind support for me which I requested of you prior to this journey.

The week was organized differently than I expected. The whole program lasted 2 to 3 weeks (I was able to devote just 8 days.)

The organizers, Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, convened international scholars and activists to serve events scheduled in many different cities and towns. Since few could spend so long away, the international contingent was fluid. People came and went.


I began in the company of an Atlanta, legal activist involved in the development of a human and environment-friendly “world constitution” and parliament, and a University of Hawaii political science professor, dedicated to issues of food security, child hunger, and nutrition. Before I left we were joined by a women’s rights, Islam scholar and activist from Tunisia, and a media and television peace activist from Belgrade.


My role throughout was to address issues related to religion and peace, and interreligious reconciliation and collaboration.

We spoke at locally-organized venues, and met local education, social, political and spiritual leaders in each of the towns and cities to which we traveled. Speaking venues ranged from yoga training institutes and centers to universities. While there we spoke to Muslim educators from Kashmir studying peace and interfaith life in the mountains at the Rishi Gurukalam Peace Village. We spoke to students and faculty from 3 colleges at a major Business Management college (Balija Institute) in Pune, as well as to two groups of medical students and faculty at hospital colleges in Mumbai. Audiences for our presentations ranged from 25 (at the Peace Village) to some 100 and more at the colleges and universities. At every major venue, Professor Chaturvedi Swami, founder of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust gave the keynote discourse.

There is much more to tell, and I am more than glad to write or call with anyone interested to explain more deeply of my experiences.
For now I have just these few pictures: http://bit.ly/1ETyAPl, but will post more if I can secure them from the host organization

Once again, my deep and sincere thanks for your loving support and care

With respect

Frank K


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