Bodh Gaya displays Buddha’s ashes

Bodh Gaya, Feb 4 (ANI): Buddhists monks from across the country
converged at Bodh Gaya to participate in a religious procession on

Decked up elephants. horses and camels and palanquins
accompanied the monks who took out the ashes of Buddha and two of his
prominent disciples for public display.

Devout Buddhists and even others considered the viewing of the urn
containing the ashes of Lord Buddha as divine blessing.

“We have
people from India

, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,
Sikkim and Nepal with a desire to see the ashes of the Lord Buddha once
in their lifetime. They feel happy and content after coming here,” said
P. Sivli Thero, a senior monk, Mahabodhi Society of India, an apex body
of Buddhist shrines.

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment while
doing penance under a Bodhi tree
(Tree of Enlightenment) near a temple in Bodh Gaya.

Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism was born a prince at Lumbini in Nepal
over 2,600 years ago. (ANI

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