Efforts for Jewish Christian Muslim Relations in Europe

Hopes ahead of Pope’s German trip

2011-09-10 Vatican Radio

Later this month, Pope Benedict sets out on a visit to his
native Germany, hoping to kindle a renewed interest in the faith in an
increasingly secular nation. The four day trip, beginning on September
22nd, will take him to the once divided capital Berlin, as well as to
Erfurt, Etzelsbach and Freiburg for meetings with the country’s civic
and religious leaders. 

High on the Pope’s agenda will be meetings
with Jewish and Muslim representatives, as well as with leaders of
Germany’s Protestant Churches. Among those watching this visit closely
will be Lutheran pastor Theodor Dieter, director of the Institute for
Ecumenical Research in Strasburg, France. Philippa Hitchen spoke with
him to find out more about Catholic-Lutheran relations in Germany and
about his hopes for this forthcoming papal trip.

Read more, and find the link to the mp3 of the radio broadcast here

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