Evangelical Christian, Muslim Translator Publish Quran With 3,000 Bible References

From The Christian Post

Safi Kaskas (R) and Dr. David Hungerford (L).

Looking to dispel the notion that Islam is an inherently violent religion, a Muslim entrepreneur and an evangelical doctor have come together to create a new translation of the Quran that includes over 3,000 references to the Bible in an attempt to show Americans the commonalities between Islam and Christianity.

Safi Kaskas, a Muslim Lebanese-born strategic management executive and co-founder of East-West University in Chicago, and Dr. David Hungerford, a Christian orthopedic surgeon with over 38 years experience at Johns Hopkins University and The Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, released The Qur’an — With References to the Bible: A Contemporary Understanding earlier this year.

As both Kaskas and Hungerford have deep knowledge of their respective religious texts and serve on the board of the Bridges to Common Ground organization, they felt the need to show that the Quran does not encourage Muslims to senselessly kill non-Muslims in the name of Allah but rather calls on Muslims to find a way to coexist with non-Muslims in peace.

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