Experts needed to face ISIL

Article from Digital Journal

Imagine living on the back end of 150 years of ever declining respect for scientific knowledge. Imagine living in a time when people who hold scientific views were looked down on as superstitious,

Multi-Faith Religious Leaders

and granted only reluctantly the right to persist in their quaint, archaic ways, even though the vast majority of us know better and have long since abandoned such silly and childish ways of seeing the world.

Now imagine pockets here and there of people to decry this rejection of such important bases of guiding and advancing human well-being, and in anger and resentment conspire to show the world the cost of their arrogance and condescension. A science Caliph arises, and leads marginalized and disenfranchised outcasts and rebels to create epidemics and diseases to show that our world ignores science at its own peril.

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