Faith-based clinics filling health care void

America is in the throes of a horrible internal clash of philosophies and ideologies all coming to the fore in light of Obama’s health care proposals.

Here below is an article which has some dangers (not too many though), but gives a good feeling about the prospect of health care become humane and rid of it’s consuming greed  (ed.)


evidence of a need for reform can be found at several free and nearly
free medical clinics right here. Hundreds of uninsured patients visit
the clinics each week.

Fayette County Refuge Medical Clinic, one of two non-profit
organizations initially funded by Southland Christian Church, opened
six months ago to provide free medical, dental and chiropractic care.
There are at least six other similar clinics, without which hundreds of
uninsured people couldn’t be pro-active in their health care.

The other Refuge clinic is in Nicholasville and has been open a year.

idea began after Southland’s senior minister, the Rev. Jon Weece,
charged the congregation to make the church more than a building.
Members then began several outreach programs, the clinic being one of

Bibbs, a recovering addict who was one of the clinic’s first patients, voluntarily cleans the bright, well-equipped clinic.

“It’s a way for me to give back,” she said. “They are a godsend to me. There is such an outpouring of love in this place.”

“If we get focused on doing it God’s way, all these other issues are non-issues.”

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