Finding common ground: 3 couples making interfaith marriages work

From the Shreveport Times

While marrying within the faith is still most common — with 69 percent saying that their spouse shares their religion — a 2014 study by the Pew Research Center found 39 percent of couples who have married since 2010 have a spouse of a different faith compared to only 19 percent of those who married before 1960.


“Everything that is important to us about both of our religions that we were raised with is all about how you treat other people and each other and we feel the exact same way and I think most religions do, so once we realized that it was the code of conduct, the code of how you live, that was important to us we realized there was no actual conflict,” Jaya said

This is a fairly extensive article with lots of good reflection and even advice for raising up a harmonious interfaith couple and family 

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