First Open Jewish Culture Festival Comes to London

It is always wonderful to learn more deeply about the faith and culture of others.

IRFWP is happy to report on festivities planned for London this Spring

Manchester,UK (PRWEB)
January 28, 2010 — The first ever Open Jewish Culture Festival is set
to take place in London this year, which could be the perfect
opportunity for the city’s citizens to learn more about the religion
and Jewish way of life.

It is a month-long occasion taking place between February 27th and
March 29th across various venues, many of which will undoubtedly be
near hotels in London. (

The festival will celebrate everything from Jewish arts to culture and
heritage with two main events being incorporated into the spectacle.

These are Jewish Book Week, which is held from February 27th until
March 7th, and the official opening of the Jewish London Museum this

One person who has been showing his support for the event is mayor of London Boris Johnson.

He said that he is “delighted” to be giving his support to the
occasion and pointed out that the city’s Jewish community has been
integral to the success of the capital.

“Open Jewish Culture will give Londoners and tourists alike the
chance to discover more about the fantastic variety of Jewish arts and
culture that is out there,” Mr Johnson added.

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