Interfaith breakfast looks at moving from prayer to action

LEADOPTION Gurdeep Singh, from left, Manpreet Singh and Gurpreet Singh of the Sikh Center of Oregon share scriptural singing with the crowd during the 2018 Interfaith Prayer Breakfast at St. Andrew Lutheran Church on Thursday morning, June 28, 2018. (Amanda Cowan/The Columbian)

The Interfaith Coalition of Southwest Washington hosts the breakfast at a different church each year and also holds an interfaith Thanksgiving service.

“Coming together, breaking bread together, really brings that community feeling,” said Khalid Khan, who’s part of the Interfaith Coalition and the Islamic Society.

Sermet said she regularly advocates for Muslims, typically an insular group, to get more involved in the broader community and cooperate with other groups. She invited others to do the same — to reach out to Muslims or people of different faiths and work together. Removing evil is imperative to not just the Muslim faith but all faiths, she said.

Pawneet Sethi of the Oregon and Southwest Washington Sikh community spoke about fulfilling humanity’s basic needs as a stepping stone to spiritual growth. What kind of society would we be if our neighbors’ basic needs were met and they could “fulfill their divine potential,” he said.

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