Interfaith Iftar- A Great Time to Start Interfaith Dialogue

Contrary to the popular belief, the purpose of Interfaith Iftars and any other form of Interfaith dialogue is not to convert each other. Muslims in the United States are increasingly opening their mosques and Islamic centers to people of other faiths during the month of Ramadan to break their fast (Iftar) together at sunset. The underlying theme is to promote Interfaith understanding and harmony, ultimately leading to peace between people of various faiths.

Breaking bread together is an age-old tradition and a great way to bring people together. These Iftar programs are being held with increasing frequency at other places of worship such as Churches and Synagogues.

These programs often jump start interfaith dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians- the three faiths typically represented at these events, though there are representations from other faiths such as Hindus, Sikhs, as well as agnostics. One overarching theme, as spelled out in the Qur’an, is to simply get to know each other.

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