Interfaith Peace Seder

IRFWP is supporting this beautiful Interfaith Peace Seder. It is taking place 7:30PM Wednesday April 16th at the Park Avenue Christian Church Parlor Room, 1010 Park Avenue at East 85th Street in Manhattan.

Listen to adherents of the three Abrahamic religions speak about commonalities among their faiths, and take the opportunity to join in discussions at your table. Light dinner will be served. Donations are welcome at the door. See more details below.

To attend please RSVP by April 14th to: Kim Gross, Email: [email protected], Phone: 561 451-5580.

We hope you will take part in it and let others know about it as well!

Peace Seder

Message from One of the Organizers Kevin Costa:

I don’t need to tell you that the conversation about world peace isn’t going very well. Many of the world’s conflicts are between two of the three Abrahamic religions, and such conflicts drain billions of dollars of resources that could be used to advance humanity. This must change.  Because of New York’s status as the world’s most powerful and media saturated city, events here have an outsize influence.

The Seder, being one of the most important rituals of Judaism, is a wonderful way to change the conversation about peace.  If a substantial number of people in New York from the three Abrahamic religions can participate in a Seder and begin to know each other as people instead of as the other, the pressure for peace will increase. Studies have shown that when 15% of a group change their opinions and beliefs about a topic, the conversation about that topic changes. This year is only the beginning; our ultimate goal is to have a series of Seders in NYC next year to truly change the conversation about peace.

We have chosen Wednesday, April 16th because it is the third night of Passover as well as before the Easter tridium (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday) begins.

We hope you and others you know will participate in the event.


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