IRFWP Director, Frank Kaufmann at the Parliament of World Religions

Dr. Kaufmann shared this brief letter and report with those who prayed and offered encouragement and support for his travels:

Dear Friends and family
Once again, thank you for your constant kindness, support, and goodwill. I am sincerely grateful
Last week I attended the Parliament of the World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah.
SAM_2258 (1)
I went to represent PrayerSpark as its VP and director of spiritual leaders
SAM_2253 (1)
Our purposes were to increase awareness of our work, and to bring on new spiritual leaders to be part of our interfaith group of prayer leaders
SAM_2305 (1)
We had great fun and excitement as a team, and were blessed with tremendous success in our efforts and purposes. Also while there I met a great many dear friends from the past ages of my decades long devotion and labor for the cause of religion and peace
SAM_2277 (1)
If you have time and interest PLEASE take a quick moment to hop across to these pictures from the Parliament. I think you will find many of them interesting
Once again, thank you for your kind help and support for these efforts
Frank K

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