Is Hummus the Answer?

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An Israeli hummus cafe is giving 50 per cent off to Jews and Arabs who eat together

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Israel and the Palestinian territories are currently being plagued by a series of violent incidents.According to the Palestinian health ministry, 44 Palestinians have died this month at protests and riots, and seven Israelis have been killed in attacks involving knives, bullets and cars.

Amid increasingly fraught rhetoric and calls for recriminations on both sides, one hummus cafe in central Israel is doing its bit to promote a message of reconciliation.

In a Facebook post that has been shared hundreds of times, and attracted comments in all manner of languages, the owner of the Hummus Bar at the M Mall in Kfar Vitkin is offering a 50 per cent discount to Jews and Arabs who sit together.

A message translated from the original Hebrew into English by says:

Scared of Arabs? Scared of Jews? With us there are no Arabs, but also no Jews. With us there are people! And genuine excellent Arabic hummus! And Jewish, excellent praiseworthy falafel with free refill on every hummus, whether you’re Arabs, Jews, Christians or Indians.

Special bargain: 50% discount on hummus to a table where Arabs and Jews sit together.

*Valid Sun-Thurs

Owner Kobi Tzafrir told he was surprised to hear news of the offer had reached London, but that it had been warmly received by locals, many of whom had taken him up on the offer:

Some people visit to support the idea and the restaurant. They like to visit the restaurant they heard about on Facebook.

Speaking to the Times of Israel, he added:

If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus.

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