Is Malaysia heading in a bad direction?

On August 17, AP wire reported that Malaysian authorities on Saturday revoked the immigration privileges held by a Singaporean man who offended some Muslims by allegedly letting Buddhists use an Islamic prayer room.

The person in question is a Singaporean-born owner of a southern Malaysian beach resort who was believed to have allowed Buddhist tourists to meditate in the resort’s Islamic prayer room. Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the Muslim man has been stripped of his “permanent residency” status that enabled him to live and work in Malaysia.

How contrary this is to the broad, embracing, and exemplary life of the Prophet himself (PBUH), who welcomed 60 well-educated Christians, a bishop, his 45 scholars, and 15 men to dialogue and debate the Prophet’s revelations. Prophet Muhammad warmly welcomed the Najran delegation and provided them with a place to stay in Madina, in a secure place close to his mosque. He even ordered that their tent be pitched for them by the Muslims.

The AP article mentions other examples of a narrow, un-loving form of Islam growing in Malaysia.

We pray that Malaysia, and Muslims of influence there will seek to manifest the breadth, trust, and interreligious vision shown by the Prophet in his lifetime.

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