ISIS Condemned by Muslim Leaders Worldwide

Over 125 Muslim leaders from around the world have signed an open letter criticizing terrorist group ISIS. The Quran was quoted extensively throughout the 17-page letter, rebuking ISIS’s actions. For the most part, the letter addresses and condemns ISIS’ mistreatment of individuals and targeted groups, among them being Christians, innocent civilians, emissaries, and Tadzidis. The letter reinforced that “these Christians are not combatants against Islam or transgressors against it, indeed they are friends, neighbors and co-citizens. From the legal perspective of Sharia (Islamic Law) they all fall under ancient agreements that are around 1,400 years old, and the rulings of jihad do not apply to them.”

The letter also condemns ISIS for killing innocent civilians who were neither combatants nor armed, simply because they disagreed with ISIS opinions.

Regarding the killing of innocent emissaries such as journalists who expose the truth, and aid workers who offer help and kindness, the letter reinforced that these killings were unquestionably forbidden. Also mentioned were the Yazidis, a religious minority in Iraq, who were persecuted by ISIS and given the choice to be killed or forced into Islam, resulting in hundreds of Yazidi deaths. The persecution and killing of Yazidis were stressed in the letter as abominable crimes.

ISIS was rebuked for heinous acts such as torturing and executing children in schools, while forcing other children to engage in war and killing. The letter accused ISIS militants for mutilating corpses, jeering and broadcasting their executions with decapitated heads of victims on rods. “You have coerced people to convert to Islam just as you have coerced Muslims to accept your views. You also coerce everyone living under your control in every matter, great or small, even in matters which are between the individual and God.”

The letter admonishes ISIS’s “barbaric acts, which [they] pretend are for the sake of Islam.” It states that ISIS has “given the world a stick with which to beat Islam, whereas in reality Islam is completely innocent of these acts and prohibits them.” ISIS, thus, is not just considered un-Islamic, but anti-Islamic.

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