Life contemplated at multi-faith dialogue event at Maidenhead Mosque

From the Maidenhead Advertiser

“The reality today is that we are all interdependent and have to co-exist on this small planet. Therefore, the only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interests, whether between individuals or nations, is through dialogue.”  The Dalai Lama

IRFWP is devoted to help promote all efforts among interfaith people of good will, not only the costly, high profile, international jamborees. Sometimes the best and most substantial and enduring results come from meetings in the close quarters of local work

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An interfaith dialogue at Maidenhead Mosque in March 2017.

(Maidenhead, UK)-  A record turnout of more than 90 people visited Maidenhead Mosque in Holmanleaze on Tuesday to contemplate life as part of an multi-religion discussion.

Visitors to the Windsor and Maidenhead Community Forum Inter-faith Dialogue considered the topic ‘What makes life meaningful?’ before enjoying a tour of the mosque and a meal.

It concluded a series of dialogues this year that have been held at venues in town, including the synagogue in Ray Park Road and the gurdwara in Rutland Road.

Humanists and people who follow no religion joined Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Brah-ma Kumaris, Baha’is, Christians and Sikhs.

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