Peace Day Theme Highlights Religious Freedom

VATICAN CITY, JULY 13, 2010 ( Benedict XVI chose a theme for the 44th
World Day of Peace that will highlight the role of religious freedom in
fostering peace.

In the Vatican communiqué published today it explained that “in many
parts of the world there exist various forms of restrictions or denials
of religious freedom, from discrimination and marginalization based on
religion, to acts of violence against religious minorities.”

note stated that religious freedom “is rooted in the equal and inherent
dignity of man,” and is “oriented toward the search for ‘unchangeable
truth.'” It called religious freedom the “freedom of freedoms.”

“It is inconceivable,” it continued, quoting Benedict XVI, “that
believers should have to suppress a part of themselves — their faith —
in order to be active citizens. It should never be necessary to deny
God in order to enjoy one’s rights.”

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