Rational approach to Islam suggested

This is an article from the Gulf Times published in Abu Dabi

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Abu Dhabi: A scholar
sees potential for a new rational school of Islamic thought which
borrows from scientific advances from Western societies and
incorporates rational ideas.

Dr Ahmad Bin Mohammad
Ahmad Al Eisa, President of Al Yamamah University in Riyadh, Saudi
Arabia, says this new rational school is not a compromising approach
between fundamental and secular movements in the Arab world. …

“New Islamic
rationalism should have an independent philosophy and not just a
compromising approach between fundamental religious movements on the
one hand and secular movements on the other,” Dr Al Eisa told the

“While it should be
based on the fundamental values of Islam and ideas of Muslim
intellectuals and scientists, a new rational school of Islamic thought
can borrow and integrate with scientific advances of Western societies
and eventually contribute to the making of the future.”

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