Seiko Lee Soprano successfully completes interfaith peace and benefit concert in Luxembourg

IRFWP director Frank Kaufmann sponsored and produced an interfaith peace and benefit concert Sunday, June 15, 2014, at the magnificent L’Eglise Belair in Luxembourg.

The concert, presented by Seiko Lee Project N.P.O., l’association “ESRA” de la Communauté Israëlite du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, le curé Emile André de l’Eglise Saint Pie X de Belair et l’association “Les Amis de la Corée,” was designed to serve three purposes, to honor Luxmembourg’s veterans of the Korean War, to uplift the cause of world peace through interreligious harmony, and to aid the elevation of art and culture.

We are deeply grateful that we could give the Luxembourg veterans of the Korean War love and respect. These valiant men went to war, while their families suffered and stood behind them, to help a people they did not know. Now they are growing very old,and fewer and fewer are still with us. We are happy and thankful we could offer them Seiko Lee’s beauty and tearful offering of gratitude while they still are with us.



We also are grateful that the religious leaders of Luxembourg showed harmony and oneness in their public prayers together for peace.  In so many parts of the world these very same religions cause violence and death. The highest religious leaders in Luxembourg from Catholicism and from Judaism openly supported our effort, and leaders from the three great religions of Abraham prayed together with Seiko Lee at L’Eglise Belair


On Sunday, after Seiko San’s concert, many guests left in awe and in tears, seeing not only Seiko’s mastery and humility, but also they could see the ideal of art serving the highest cause of peace and humanitarian care.

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