Students share personal experiences to grow as interfaith leaders

Interfaith Leadership Institute recognizes importance of building common ground

Students and educators from around the country gathered Aug. 3-5 in Chicago to share stories, build relationships with people of different backgrounds, and equip themselves with the skill set needed to lead interfaith conversations in the future, for the good of their religious communities and the world.

Students discuss how interfaith issues affect religiously-affiliated campuses during the 2018 Interfaith Leadership Institute, Aug. 3-5 in Chicago. (Courtesy of Interfaith Youth Core)

The Interfaith Leadership Institute is hosted by the Interfaith Youth Core, an organization founded by Eboo Patel, a former member of President Barack Obama’s inaugural Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. The Interfaith Youth Core, according to its mission statement, “partners with colleges and universities working to turn religious diversity into a positive force in our society.”

A student asks a question during Saturday’s panel discussion, Aug. 4. (Courtesy of Interfaith Youth Core)

“The Interfaith Leadership Institute (ILI) is the largest gathering of students and educators with a commitment to American religious pluralism,” the organization says of the conference, “Over the course of three days, participants learn to bridge divides and forge friendships across lines of religious and worldview differences.” This year, Patel reported that nearly 150 campus delegations participated.

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