Interfaith Leaders Call on Individuals to Build Peace

From The Irrawaddy Too often, interfaith meetings end in grand declarations, plans, commissions and admonitions on improving relations. Here, though is something simple and true, a most valuable call from this important conference: “If we want to achieve peace, all individuals first need to … Continue reading

Myanmar, Catholic cardinal calls for greater embrace of Muslims

Catholic cardinal of Myanmar, Charles Maung Bo, who was named a cardinal by Pope Francis on Jan. 4, warned on Tuesday that Buddhist nationalism directed against minority Muslims could drive the latter to connect with international extremist groups that would “retaliate”. … Continue reading

Religious Leaders commit to the eradication of slavery

According to the latest edition of the he Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index, almost 36 million people are trapped in slavery of some kind. Pope Francis gathered religious leaders at the Vatican to commit to working together for the eradication of slavery … Continue reading