Muslim teachers may wear headscarves in class, German court rules

IRFWP commends German top court legislators for their correct and courageous decision to maintain Germany’s exemplary consistency in the arena of sound and constant commitment to uphold the highest ideals of religious freedom, and to manifest a keen sense of … Continue reading

Angela Merkel continues in strong interfaith stance

For much of the 20th century, Western political leaders succumbed to the falsehood and temptation that political life could proceed independent of religious issues, a form of humanist hubris that fully flowered in the era in which economic ideologies dominated … Continue reading

Cologne cathedral to switch off lights in protest at anti-Muslim march

IRFWP commends Cologne Cathedral in its stand against hate The Guardian reports Cologne Cathedral, one of Germany’s most famous landmarks, will be plunged into darkness on Monday evening in protest at a march by a grassroots anti-Muslim movement through the … Continue reading

Merkel tells Germans not to attend anti-Islam rallies

IRFWP commends President Merkel for her wisdom and leadership in calling for mature and respectful behavior from the German people AP, Associated Press Dec. 31, 2014 6:46 AM ET BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned the country’s citizens not … Continue reading

Dalai Lama attracts over 50000 fans in Germany

Source: Frankfurt, August 3: Over 50,000 people visited the Commerzbank Arena (Stadium) in Frankfurt during the Dalai Lama’s four-day spiritual events that ended on Sunday. Of them over 40,000 bought tickets to attend the Dalai Lama’s teachings and series … Continue reading