Why is France so often a target for terrorist attacks?

A great deal of analysis flows following the bitter tragedy of France’s most recent attack and suffering. From my review of many articles and interviews, the thoughts of Moghul seem especially helpful. Haroon Moghul Senior Correspondent, Religion Dispatches noted in QZ.com several … Continue reading

Angela Merkel continues in strong interfaith stance

For much of the 20th century, Western political leaders succumbed to the falsehood and temptation that political life could proceed independent of religious issues, a form of humanist hubris that fully flowered in the era in which economic ideologies dominated … Continue reading

From Scared Amateur to Slaughterer

Chérif and Saïd Kouachi’s Path to Paris Attack at Charlie Hebdo This New York times article is exceptional reportage. A very long article, extensive, comprehensive, insightful, informative, careful. Technically it is not interfaith per se, but has been brought here … Continue reading

Muslim Scholars on Charlie Hebdo attack

The informational website onislam compiled a small handful of renowned, established, and respected Muslim scholars on the Paris murders at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices. ————— Slamming the incident as un-Islamic, scholars express anger towards the perpetrators who “betrayed and tainted” Islam … Continue reading