Jihadist destruction in Iraq

The IRFWP reports with great sorrow that jihadists who overran Mosul last month destroyed ancient shrines and mosques in and around this northern Iraq city. Upon occupying the city, four Sunni and/or Sufi shrines and six Shiite mosques have been toppled … Continue reading

Pioneers in Hindu-Christian Interspirituality

Merton, Griffiths, and Teasdale by Kurt Johnson, Robert Toth, and Adam Bucko Father Thomas Merton, Father Bede Griffiths, also known as Swami Dhayananda, and Brother Wayne Teasdale – in the lives and legacies of these three interspiritual pioneers we find peacemaking is … Continue reading

From Catholic News Service: In the face of secrecy, drone warfare faces barrage of moral questions

Religion and interfaith often are seen as limited to their own, quaint little corner in human affairs.  But understanding the the mission of religion to express moral positions on political, and even military questions, shows a more integrated and holistic…

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