The Last Iraqi Christians

Courtesy of Beliefnet

Radical jihadists have forced over 100,000 thousand Christians from their homeland in Iraq with the chaos increasing for many more in the country. The conditions for those who remain are deplorable, and those left behind feeling hopeless.

Islamic extremists continue to kidnap, kill and pillage villages. ISIS fighters shelled the town of Qarakosh last year forcing 40,000 Christians to evacuate during the assault.

Since the attacks by terrorists, there has been a decline of Christians in the country, a reported half a million believers left,

Christians can trace their history over 2,000 years back to the apostles. As Christianity grew people coexisted for years with other religions. About 4.5 million Christians lived in Iraq, according to International Christian Concern, and it dropped to 1.5 million in 2003. Today , it has fallen to less than 200,000.

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