Why is France so often a target for terrorist attacks?

A great deal of analysis flows following the bitter tragedy of France’s most recent attack and suffering. From my review of many articles and interviews, the thoughts of Moghul seem especially helpful.

Haroon Moghul Senior Correspondent, Religion Dispatches noted in QZ.com several reasons why France is targeted as often as it is:

Here is an early paragraph:

In the seventh issue of ISIL’s magazine Dabiq, shared last night on Twitter by author and analyst Iyad El-Baghdadi, the Islamic State expands on these themes, calling for a clash of civilizations. Jihadists are threatened by democracy, but they are empowered by narratives of sectarianism, mistrust and discrimination. Jihadists are not just becoming savvier at manipulating media, but at using attacks to advance their strategy of “exclusion.” 

They find a major fault line, seek to undertake an attack that will widen this fissure, and reap the whirlwind as people in divided societies run in opposite directions.

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France is home to what is likely Western Europe’s largest Muslim population, which has also long been among Europe’s most alienated. ISIL wishes to amplify mistrust in order to reap the damaged fruit. The attacks on Paris not only endanger innocent civilians, but have the ability to leave in their wake a climate of suspicion that could push intolerance over the edge.

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