The Inter Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) was founded in 1991 by Sun Myung Moon of Korea to bring under a single administration 14 years of global efforts for peace through interreligious dialogue, in a far reaching array of organizations, projects, and initiatives.

Activities ranged from highest levels of scholarly and theological dialogue, emergency, peace summits among leaders from areas of global level war and conflict, publications, and education and service learning for young leaders.

IRFWP continued with strong success on this foundation until its efforts became subsumed under various successor organizations first in 1999, and fully so by 2003.

The great record of IRFWP in the world of religion and peace can be seen by clicking on the links provided on the left side of the page.

IRFWP work includes mediation and emergency conflict resolution during the Gulf War, the Ayodhya Mosque outbreak, the Bosnian War, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere.

IRFWP also maintained enduring positive influence through its extensive publications.

In April 2013, IRFWP resumed international efforts for peace based on support from the Values in Knowledge Foundation