Religions cooperate to help Kenyans

It has long been the position of IRFWP that religion must exert a helpful and positive influence in society at all levels and in all spheres.  It is not enough for religion to remain insular, or think of itself merely as a part of human life separate from other areas where we face challenges and difficulties in our day to day lives, and in our societies as a whole.

As such, interreligious work must be just the same. 

Interfaith is not meant to end in the room with polite conversations and pleasant feelings.  It is meaningful only when resulting in real change for the better, and not just in the religious arena, but in all parts of life.

This is just what is happening in Kenya.  Read this exciting article below to see how much good can come about when religions put their hearts of love and concern together across barriers of faith and denomination to really help people in need.  We pray for the success of these Kenyan groups, and we pray that societies the world over, including in the so called “First World” can learn from the Kenyans and this sterling example.

Kenya’s Christians and Muslims unite to combat addiction

By Fredrick Nzwili, July 3, 2013

Fractious religious groups in this East African nation are uniting to tackle alcohol and drug abuse, amid concerns the substances could wipe out a cross section of the younger generation.

From Sunday schools to Islamic madrassas, the groups are providing preventative education, public awareness and life skills training. Some also offer addicts rehabilitation and psychosocial support.

The drugs of choice are mostly alcohol, heroin, cocaine, as well as the milder bhang (marijuana) and khat.

As Kenya’s economy has grown, the misuse has reached crisis level in cities and villages, prompting religious leaders to declare a national disaster.

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