Call for interfaith studies to be taught in Malaysian schools

From Asia One

SERI KEMBANGAN – Knowledge about all the religions practised in the country should be taught as a formal subject in schools and at universities to strengthen unity and harmony in Malaysia.

This suggestion was among those made at the 2016 Interfaith Forum organised by the Department of National Unity and Integration under the Prime Minister’s Depart­ment, and the Committee to Promote Inter-Faith Understanding and Harmony.

The chairman of the committee, Datuk Azman Amin Hassan, said the participants of the forum felt that interfaith studies need to be taught in schools as many Malay­sians were still ignorant about the religion practised by their fellow Malaysians.

“It’s not good enough that we know about our own religion. Interfaith studies should be taught in schools and universities so that Malaysians understand some basic things about other religions as well,” he said.

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