Ignorance, indifference and hypocrisy are the Yamuna’s three enemies

From Vrindaban Today 


Achariya Shrivatsa Goswami ji Senior IRFWP board member 

Vrindavan, 31st March 2017 (VT): A conference was organized on the eve of Yamuna Chhath, the appearance day of Yamuna Devi. Several eminent scholars and activists participated in the seminar organized at the Bhramar Ghat hall in Jai Singh Ghera….

The Yamuna is not just a water body for the people of Vraja – Vrindavan, but has always been revered as an ocean of devotion. It has special bonding with the temples of Vrindavan, and the Yamuna water used to be very integral part of the temple ritual. Due to the pollution, this tradition has been interrupted, resulting in devotees feeling as though their faith is under attack.


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