More Christian-Buddhist devotion for harmony and peace

Not only are Christians and Buddhists working diligently together for the sake of peace in strife torn Sri Lanka, but on the world’s hottest most alarming conflict, Christians and Buddhists also pour themselves out in devotional sacrifice for peace

A Buddhist monk and two Catholic priests have concluded a 400-kilometer
pilgrimage to help people cherish life and peace. On June 6, at
Imjingak, near the cease-fire line with North Korea, Venerable Sukyung
and Fathers Paul Moon Kyu-hyon and Simon Chun Jong-hun completed the
journey they began nine months earlier at Jirisan, a mountain in the

During their ochetuji pilgrimage, they prostrated themselves
after every three steps they took, and kept silent throughout. The
prostration, or ochetuji, is part of Buddhist tradition and involves
touching one’s elbows, knees and forehead to the ground….

As many as 10,000 people joined the three clergymen at various points
of their journey. However, the pilgrims were unable to attain their
original goal of crossing the South Korean border to reach Myohyangsan
Mountain in North Korea to pray for peace and reunification on the

Though the North Korean government had granted them permission to enter
the country, Venerable Jigwan, one of the assisting pilgrimage staff,
told UCA News they were unable to obtain permission from the South
Korean government. The permission of both governments is required for
South Koreans to cross the border.

IRFWP applauds the deep spiritual commitment of these leaders seeking to pioneer the ideals of collaboration, humility, and peace.

Please read the entire article on this pilgrimage here.

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