Pesach and Easter in a torn world — In praise of Faith

Like us all, every religious and spiritual tradition has its most beautiful part. Every religion and faith has parts that feel like young love, that part of the greater story that has no shadow, no shame, nor apology.

Not only ‘religion’ but all ways of life have a best part, including the lives of people who errantly are called ‘non-believers,” agnostics, humanists,secularists, and atheists. Such people together with Buddhists, Muslims,Christians, Pagans, Jews, and all the rest, show faith in every act for good and in every act and deed meant to help others live with dignity, and without want.
First Corinthians identifies three things of beauty in human life, Faith, Hope, and Love. The smallest real taste of even one of these makes life less harsh, and allows us dreams that carry us forward. We are told the greatest is Love. I’ve no argument with that. But as great as Love is, it does not stand alone. It is wed to Faith and Hope.
 On this magical weekend, when Pesach and Easter happen at the same time, we have a chance to rejoice across religious barriers and boundaries. Tragically however, these celebrations of a caring and powerful God are mocked by ugliness and horror in our time that invites despair. The news daily is filled with horrors that point to an eerie “God” boiling and bubbling within an ugly and barbaric brew. From Al-Shabab, to Boko Haram, to the constant breaking of the twig of peace in the Holy Land. We constantly hear reference to a God that we most assuredly can do without thank you very much.


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