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I’ve always found Paula Abdul to be not only bright, beautiful, and talented (kind of a basic requirement for success in her field), but additionally somehow upright, and avoiding the pitfalls and the cheap sexual exploitation (of herself and her fans) that so riddles her industry.  I never bothered to hunt down the reason (after all, she is rarely in my consciousness), but I felt most pleased to see this article of her current pilgrimage.

Paula Abdul Explores Jewish Roots In Israel With Plan For Bat Mitzvah At Kotel

President Peres to the international star Paula Abdul: “We’re very glad to see you here”

Paula Abdul touched down in Israel on last week with a very special goal — to celebrate her bat mitzvah at the Western Wall. The Los Angeles-born star was raised in the Jewish faith, and has dreamed of visiting Israel for years. Now both of her wishes are coming true.

Her 10-day tour of Israel is under the auspices of the Tourism Ministry, which has invited her as a special guest. She plans to visit Tel Aviv and the Galilee in addition to more sites in Jerusalem, and said on Tuesday, “I only landed yesterday and I already feel I won’t want to leave.”

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