His Holiness Receives Book from Bridges to Common Ground

Dr. David Hungerford and Safi Kaskas, board members of Bridges to Common Ground produced The Qur’an with References to the Bible a seminal work in which over 3,000 Biblical cross references are integrated page by page throughout a readable, modern English interpretation of the Holy Qur’an.

Once this book was translated into Italian, co-project leader Safi Kaskas together with lovely Eman had the opportunity to present this work to His Holiness, Francis I.12920252_10156735436235181_2316646759338341827_n12924601_10156735435985181_7278582366268062441_n  22290_10156735579130181_6886608717084393576_n

Safi had this to say

Today with Pope Francis, a kind, loving and humble man. After receiving the Italian translation from me and read the title and glanced at the content, he said pray for me. My wife Eman said to him we are Muslims who love Jesus, he said with noticeable emotions, we have the same father.
He turned to the cardinal accompanying him and said I want this book on my desk.

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