Interfaith Failure and the Catholic Scandal

Religions are too isolated from one another, and as such we fail to recognize that what hurts one hurts all.

This is especially true in the modern world, characterized by increasing secularism, and by a global communications net in which everyone everywhere quickly knows what happens even in a small corner of our world.

The Catholic Church currently is in the throes of intense internal division, and possibly crippling scandal. The challenge facing the Catholic community has three related parts. 1. Members of the clergy, even at high levels have perpetrated sexual abuse of parishioners, even children. 2. Senior leaders, have covered up these crimes, even leaving known offenders in positions of clerical authority where they continue to commit these egregious and horrifying crimes against innocent and trusting believers. 3. For the first time, the Pope himself is now accused of being complicit in covering up and protecting clergy guilty of criminal, sexual abuse of parishioners including of children. Archbishop Carlo Mario Viganò released an 11-page dossier calling on Pope Francis to resign, accusing him of know about US Cardinal McCarrick’s criminal behavior. The former papal ambassador to Washington Vigano, claimed he was told Francis knew about sanctions placed on McCarrick by Benedict XVI in 2009 or 2010.

Pope Francis (left) Pope Benedict (right)

These horrors, and crimes are devastating to 1000s of upright, innocent, faithful and devoted Catholic leaders and clergy, and equally heart rending and confusing for the millions of humble, and sincere Catholic believers and families worldwide.

What is not making news, and what is not heard in commentary in the midst of all this is any sign or expression of concern, nor solidarity from leader and believer from non-Catholic religions. This tragic interfaith poverty reveals insensitivity of heart, and a failure of both intuition and compassion on the part of leaders and believers in the world’s religions. No one is living, acting, nor speaking unde the light of the obvious truth “what hurts one of us, hurts all of us.”

It is dull not to see the clear writing on the wall that Catholic problems sooner of later will equally hurt the cause of all religions.

Innocent and trusting believers in every religion will grow increasingly doubtful of religion in general. And all religions will suffer. Everyone knows that every religion has problems. It should be obvious that we must help one another..

Interfaith intelligence, awareness, and active responsibility should properly invoke intense investment, concern, and support from good and honest religious believers and leaders in every tradition.

We cannot be so insular, parochial, and separated in consciousness and heart that we can possibly turn a blind eye, exhibiting no care for people who suffer, simply because they are from traditions other than our own. Every religion should be better than that.

Frank Kaufmann

September 14, 2018

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