Multi Religious Approach to Malaysian Inter Religious Breakdown

People of good will the world over are distressed over the unnecessary violence in Malaysia at present. 

There is a view among many Christians suffering violence and attack in Malaysia that ill is being perpetrated by a non-representative minority characterized by extremism

One worshipper who only wanted to be identified as Lee said
reactions to the court ruling from sections of the Muslim community had
been “quite shocking”.

“But I think the majority of Malaysians are still peace-loving and we should have dialogue to resolve this,” she said. (AFP)

Importantly religious leaders of all communities are recognizing these events as stemming from a failure to invest more vigorously in dialogue.

Religious leaders say a lasting solution to the Herald issue will be to open communication lines further among the communities.

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism,
Sikhism and Taoism said this would help avoid a recurrence of the issue. (NST)

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IRFWP fully upholds the wisdom that bi-lateral religious tensions have the best chance for dissolution when embraced and engaged by the larger family of religions, even while necessary bi-lateral emergency conversation goes forward.

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