Pope Francis shakes hands with Brian Grim

Coming on the heels of the first ever 80+ nation Religious Freedom Ministerial hosted at the US State Department, the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation and the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute/Newseum are pleased to announce a new set of executive seminars and trainings that aim to educate business leaders about the significance of religious diversity, religious inclusion, and religious liberty in business and how those issues impact the bottom line.

The full- and half-day seminars are tailored for middle management executives who want to better understand how religious diversity and inclusion enhance the workplace.

Studies show that the most successful businesses encourage an environment in which employees can bring their “full self” to work. Employees need to feel comfortable, willing, and able to talk about what is most important to them. Employers benefit when they recognize and respect an employee’s religious identity, including their beliefs and practices.

In today’s increasingly competitive global business environment, companies will need to draw upon the unique talent and diverse experience of every employee. Employees that feel free to bring their entire self and identify to work demonstrate higher levels of innovation, creativity, and positive working environments, directly affecting business success. On the other hand, organizations that have environments of exclusion, intentional or not, risk excluding the next great business solution, the next great product idea, or talent retention.

As companies globalize, they’ll need employees who can relate to the daily experience of increasingly diverse customers. For billions of potential customers, including in the world’s fastest-growing economies, religious belief and practice are a part of daily life. Having employees who understand the ways religion manifests in private and public life will help companies avoid costly missteps and develop products and services better tailored to customer needs, and an essential part of being competitive.

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