The Muslims Who Saved The Jews

This article highlighted below is the transcript of an interview with Norman Gershman.

Host Liane Hansen speaks with photographer Norman Gershman about his book Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews in World War II, which is also the subject of a documentary called God’s House. Greshman spent five years collecting stories of Albanian Muslims who harbored Jewish refugees during World War II.

the Nazi occupation of Albania and Kosovo during the second World War,
Jews facing persecution and death had a small group of seemingly
unlikely allies – Muslims. Sixty-five people managed to save some 2,000
Jews, and have been honored by the Jewish Holocaust Memorial as
righteous among nations.

Norman Gershman spent five years taking photos of them and collecting
their stories. They’ve been published in a new book, “Besa: Muslims Who
Saved Jews in World War II.” Mr. Gershman joins us from Aspen Public
Radio in Colorado. Welcome.

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