Inter-Religious Prayer for Missing Teens

On June 12th, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped near the south part of Jerusalem.

In response to this tragedy, the Tag Meir forum, a grassroots organization that combats Jewish vandalism that targets Palestinians, assembled an interfaith meeting to pray and call for the safe return of the young victims.

Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Hawa  prayed with prominent rabbis such as Rabbi Michael Melchior and Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun for the safe return of the victims.

Photograph: Yossi Zamir

We are encouraged when religious leaders rise above ideological differences in this case finding a common ground in hoping the boys can return home.

Rabbi Melchior noted that both Israelis and Palestinians alike are in distress. Both sides “feel that a crime has been perpetrated. All that is left to do is pray for God’s mercy.” Thus, we see that in times of despair, selfless acts of kindness via interfaith relations may incite a wave of sustainable mutual tolerance and support for good people in all traditions

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