New Interfaith Center in Kaduna is Crucial as a Symbol for Interreligious Peace in Nigeria

This is truly exciting. Nigeria suffers in so many ways from the tragic and unnecessary discord among its religions. Interfaith Center in Kaduna, Nigeria (photograph by Article originally in Ventures Nigeria will be 56 in about a month and one of … Continue reading

Interfaith Peace in the Face of Escalating Christian-Muslim Conflict

Helpful analysis from the founder of Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.What passes for "religious" violence, conflict, intolerance, and other misappropriations and misapplications of religious teaching and sentiments, invariably reflect ethnicity, history, and misuse of politics.Professor Bennet's article sheds important light…

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Muslims Stand Up Against the Horrific Attacks Against Christians in Nigeria

This article, written by a Muslim believer and columnist, condemns violence against Christians (and all believers) on Islamic grounds, including scriptural references for the writer's position drawn from the Qur'anIn the Name of God The Most Gracious, Most MercifulDear Fellow…

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